David Banie 

I’ve been a gamer for over 30 years  Over the years, I’ve owned and played videogames on the following systems: a Odyssey System; an Apple IIe computer, an Atari 2600; a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES); a Nintendo Gameboy; a Sega Master System; a Super Nintendo Entertainment System; a Sega Genesis; a PlayStation (PSOne); a Sega Dreamcast; a PlayStation 2 (PS2); a Xbox; a Nintendo DS; a PlayStation Portable (PSP); numerous PC computers; a Xbox 360; a PlayStation 3 (PS3); and a Nintendo Wii.  As far as I can tell, these systems collectively span through at least six of the seven generations of home gaming systems.

I’ve worked in the videogame industry.  In or around 1987, I worked for a shop that rented video games.  (Note that this video game rental service long preceded GameFly’s and Blockbuster’s services.)  In or around 1988, I worked as a game counselor for Hudson Soft, a videogame manufacturer.  In around 1996, I worked for a company called DFC Intelligence as a research assistant.  I assisted in creating a report projecting how the market for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) would expand once these games introduced graphical interfaces as opposed to text-only interfaces.  (At the time, the only MMORPGs on the market were text-based.  In effect, we forecasted the market for graphic-intensive MMORPGs, such as the EverQuest and World of Warcraft series.)

I also have a background in both law and economics.  I received an undergraduate degree in Management Science (with an emphasis in econometrics).  I received a JD and an MBA from Santa Clara University.  I’ve been an intellectual property law and business law litigator for a decade, specializing in trade secret, patent, copyright, trademark, business and contract law.   I am currently a partner at Banie & Ishimoto LLP, a boutique litigation law firm.  My email address is banie@banishlaw.com.

Jennifer Ishimoto

Hi, everyone!  I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember.  I have owned and played games on numerous systems, including the original Atari; the Apple IIe computer; the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES); the Sega Master System; the PlayStation 2; the Xbox; the Nintendo DS; numerous PC computers; the Xbox 360; and the Nintendo Wii.  In addition, I am an avid mobile games/application user.

I have a background in both law and engineering.  I received my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley.  I then received a JD from Santa Clara University.  I have specialized my practice in intellectual property law – specifically, intellectual property counseling, patent litigation, trademark enforcement, trademark litigation, contract drafting and enforcement, and licensing.  I am currently a partner at Banie & Ishimoto LLP.  My email is ishimoto@banishlaw.com.

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